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Fruit with wide aperture

This picture is from a cooking class we did at Charleston Cooks in Charleston South Carolina. This was a hands on class with a fun instructor and great recipes. We had a lot of fun in the class and have been looking for something similar in our home town with no luck so far. If you are ever in Charleston we would highly recommend checking out their classes.

The sharp focus on the fruit in the middle of the picture with everything else being blurry is achieved by using a wide aperture. A fixed focal length 50mm lens is great for this kink of picture because they usually have the ability to get a very wide aperture. This effect is also perfect for portraits because it allows you to really focus the attention of the photo on the person’s face.

You can think of the aperture like the pupil in your eyes. A wider aperture allows more light in while also reducing the depth of field (amount of the picture that is in focus), while a narrow aperture allows less light in and increases the depth of field. In the camera information, the F number indicates the aperture setting (a lower number means a wider aperture). In the information below you will notice that this picture was taken at F 1.4. Aperture seems confusing at first, but once you understand it becomes a powerful tool to get the kind of picture you want. If you would like to learn more about this let us know in the comments and Paul will put together a more detailed explication with examples so you can get a visual idea of what the differences mean.

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