Dog Diving Excitement!

Dog Diving Excitement!

The Randolph County SPCA put on a “dog pool party” at the Tot Hill Farm pool in Asheboro, NC. We took our dog Lucille out and, as usual when she is in the water, she loved it. She dove off the side like this constantly for about an hour and a half, and she was just as excited for the last dive as she was for the first. She didn’t want to waste the time of swimming over to the one spot in the pool where she could go up the stairs herself, and instead would swim over to the side and want us to pull her out so we could throw the ball again. So after and hour and a half we were tired, even if she about another 7 hours of swimming energy in her (we know this because she has shown us before when we spent a day a the lake with her). The only time she was upset all day was when we finally made her leave! Our wish is that everyone could be as happy as a labrador retriever in the water!

For this picture I was in the water using the Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS camera inside of the DiCaPac Waterproof Case WP1. Having the waterproof case leads to some fun shots that I couldn’t get otherwise. With it we can get underwater shots which gives some interesting pictures, but the less obvious (or maybe I should say less thought of) use is a picture like this. Even though I am not taking a picture under the water here, I would never take my camera in the pool, even if an impending splash was not obvious like in this case, without a waterproof case. As you can see, the prospective from being in the water is much different than if I had been standing on the side of the pool. Even if I had been standing on the other side with a long zoom lens to “get closer” I would not have been able to get this same angle.

Dog Diving Excitement Information

  • Taken By: Susan
  • Date Taken: 2-SEP-2015
  • Camera: Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS
  • Lens: N/A
  • Exposure: 1/250 sec at F/8
  • Focal Length: 6.2 mm
  • ISO: 80
  • Flash: Did not fire

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