Pelican on Sanibel Island

Pelican on Sanibel Island, FL

We followed this pelican down the beach at Sanibel Island in Florida for about 15 minutes while it swam along close to shore. There were several other pelicans out also, but this one seemed happy to stay close by so that we could get pictures. I think this was a first for me as animals usually don’t want to cooperate for wildlife photography! I once sat outside for a hour trying to get a hummingbird picture. In that case patience paid off and I got a few pictures, but the bird kept flying up and as soon as I would move to take a picture it would fly off so I didn’t think it was going to happen. So having this pelican invite us along for some pictures was a nice change.

This picture is a good one to illustrate what I was referring about the use of a polarizing filter in the Wilson’s Creek picture. In that picture notice how you can see under the water where in this one there is a reflection on the water so you can’t see below. Normally in shots with water in them I like to use the polarizing filter for this reason, but in this case I wasn’t using one because I didn’t want to waste time and miss any shots. The polarizing filter works by rotating it until the polarized light is filtered out. I figured turning the filter and trying to get it perfect while the pelican flew away probably wasn’t the best way to get a picture. In this case I could have gotten some pictures using the polarizing filter since, as I said, this bird was happy to hang around for a while. With that said, I would have missed this particular picture because once the pelican finally decided to fly off it was gone quickly.

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