Barn and Sun

Barn and the Sun

This is an old barn that Susan and I ride by a lot and had been saying for a couple years we should go get pictures. One morning we were up early so we decided to finally head out and shoot some. I like this picture because of the way the sun is coming through the openings and lights things up. It was a cold morning so if you look close you can see frost on the brush, which I think makes the sun light them up more. It was early in the morning so we were in the “golden hour” giving things a nice color.

I frequently find that the picture I think I want is a big wide scene with all of the surrounding scenery, only to be uninspired by the finished product. I have noticed that zooming in close on one specific spot is often much more interesting than the wide shot. That was defiantly the case with this shot. When I was zoomed out wide there were a lot of things in the picture distracting from the barn such as power lines and the road. Our eyes naturally filter those things out when we look at something we like, but the camera can’t filter like that. Because of this I have had to train myself to pay attention and look for these things before taking a picture. Zooming in is often a good way to overcome these distractions. Also, as in this case, I often find that the zoomed in picture is more interesting even if there aren’t “distractions” in the wide picture. Next time you are taking pictures give it a try. Go ahead and take a wide shot, but also include some zoomed in shots. You may be surprised how much it can change the picture.

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