Central Park Sax Man

Central Park Sax Man in Black and White

While we were walking through Central Park in New York City we saw several musicians and dancers out preforming. This guy playing saxophone really caught my eye (or maybe it was because he caught my ear that I noticed as he was a great player).

Several good lessons can be learned from this picture. One lesson to learn is black and white photography can completely change a picture. With this picture, I didn’t like it in color and would have probably thrown it out. After making it back and white it became one of my favorite pictures of the day. I really like black and white photography for street photos so it was natural for me to try it on this picture. With other types of photos however, I frequently forget to try black and white if I’m not happy with it in color. In most photo editing programs such as Lightroom, making a picture black and white is a simple click of a button so it’s always worth a try.

Another lesson to learn here is I really wanted to change lenses so I could zoom in closer, but I remembered an import rule: always take the picture when you see it even if things aren’t perfect. I have learned the hard way that if you don’t do this you frequently end up with no picture at all because the moment is gone. In this case that is exactly what would have happened because right after I took this picture several people came around which changed the setting. After you get at least one picture with the current setup you can always make changes to exactly what you want. I have never regretted taking a couple seconds to get picture before making changes.

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