Night Photography – The Brooklyn Bridge

Night Photography - The Brooklyn Bridge

This picture is of the Brooklyn Bridge taken from Brooklyn Bridge Park in New York City. Night photography provides new and unique photo ideas that people usually don’t think about. If you feel like you keep getting the same pictures over and over give night photography a try. The different lighting and colors can give you new perspectives, and make scenes that seemed boring during the day exciting. There is no question that the Brooklyn Bridge, or any of the Manhattan skyline, is spectacular during the day, but at night it really becomes magical! One thing to keep in mind is that long exposures typical of night photography make a tripod an important accessory in order to keep the images from being blurry.

The red “streaks” running across the bottom of this picture are cars driving by. The long exposure used here keeps the shutter open while the cars drive by creating this effect. Longer or shorter exposures can provide different amounts of blurring from the cars so try experimenting to see what you like best. In this case, my main focus was the Brooklyn Bridge so I wasn’t worried about the cars, they were just an added bonus.

Brooklyn Bridge Park provided so many great photo opportunities for us it’s hard to imagine how it could get better…but it did. We found our favorite restaurant of the whole trip right around the corner. We had an excellent meal at Juliana’s Pizza. Not only was the food and atmosphere great, but the owners were out talking to people and they were very friendly, interesting people.

As a side note, another cool night photography idea is to photograph start trails. The Digital Photography School has a good free tutorial on photographing star trails so check it out if you are interested.

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