Thin Air

Thin Air

This picture was taken on the trail near Quandary Peak outside of Breckenridge Colorado. This was just one of the many great views we had on the hike. With Breckenridge at 9,600 feet (2,926 m), Quandary Peek at 14,265 feet (4,348 m), and this trail sitting somewhere in-between be prepared for some thin air if you plan on visiting. Also be ready for changing temperatures as it is usually chilly in the morning and warm in the afternoon. There are many nice trails around the mountain so you don’t have to be headed to the top of Quandary Peak to enjoy the area (we were not going to the top).

For this picture I combined four separate images into one HDR image in Lightroom. With the shade from the trees in the foreground, and the bright sky in the background one image alone was either too dark in the trees or too bright in the sky. The human brain can adjust for this so you don’t notice when you look with your eyes, but a camera doesn’t have this ability. Combining the images allows for a nice exposure in the whole picture.

One tip for a picture with the sky and clouds is to use a circular polarizing filter. This can reduce glare from the clouds and bring out the blue in the sky. To use it turn the filter while looking through the view finder. As you turn the filter pay attention to areas such as the clouds and the sky. You are looking for the point where the sky gets a deeper blue and the clouds have more detail. Depending on the current light the filter can either have a big effect, or not effect at all, but you won’t know which until you give it a try. Another tip with a polarizing filter, always turn in the direction of tightening the filter onto the lens. It’s very easy to accidentally unscrew the filter as you turn it and have it fall off if you turn in the loosening direction. Having your nice filter come off and fall out of your hand does not make for a fun time!

Thin Air Information:

  • Taken By: Paul
  • Date Taken: 12-AUG-2014
  • Camera: Canon EOS 7D
  • Lens: Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L USM
  • Exposure: HDR Combination of 4 images: 1/13 sec at F/13, 1/30 sec at F/13, 1/50 sec at F/13, and 1/100 sec at F/13
  • Focal Length: 17 mm
  • ISO: 100
  • Flash: Did not fire

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