All About Eyes

All About Eyes

Portrait photography is all about eyes. People are naturally drawn to the eyes, and the eyes tell the story. This picture was taken before one of a PYMBL bike races and you can see the excitement in Tyler’s eyes. Tyler looking at me is what makes this a good picture. When you look at the picture it seems like Tyler is looking and you; like you are there at the race with him. The story his eyes are telling is “I’m excited and I’m ready to race!”

Another nice part of this picture is the blurry background. The blurry background makes it so nothing draws your attention away from the main focus, the eyes. The way to get this blurry background effect is to use a wide aperture. If you notice in the picture information, the aperture in this picture was 6.3 which isn’t very wide. The thing to keep in mind is that the more the lens is zoomed in (112 mm in this case) the less width of the aperture that is needed to get this effect. To get this same effect with our 50 mm lens the aperture would have probably been around 1.8 – 2 and I would have been standing much closer.

When taking a picture like this it is always tempting to try to get the background in the picture also to show all the things going on around the person. When this temptation comes remind yourself that it is all about eyes, and get in close to focus just on the person. I have frequently been disappointed with pictures that show the whole background (they rarely come out like I imagined), but I have never been disappointed by getting in close and focusing on the persons face.

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