Turn Around

Turn Around

Where do you think this picture was taken? It’s a nice nature scene right? Actually it’s Central Park in New York City (one of the biggest cities in the world). This is about as far away from what I think of as being in nature as you can get. Standing at this dock is where I took the Bow Bridge picture. So if I was to turn around from where I took this picture it would have been a cityscape instead of a nature scene.

The takeaway here is if you think you don’t see a good shot, change your perspective: turn around, get down on the ground, try to get up higher, anything you can think of to get a different point of view. You never know what you can come up with by just moving yourself around until you try. This picture shows how much of a difference this can make. Turning around to see what is behind you is an easy one, and easy to remember to do. Getting down on the ground frequently has a nice effect, but is often forgotten. Give it a try some time to see what you think, you might be surprised at how much it can change a picture. Getting up higher sometimes takes come creativity. In nature this may mean walking up a hill, or finding something to stand on. In cities we have done things like walking to the top of parking decks. As with getting low, this can make a big difference on your picture.

Are you always going to get amazing pictures by changing perspectives? Unfortunately no, but always remember to keep it in mind to see what happens. I have even had times where I was getting pictures I liked at my “normal” height, then found when changing perspectives that I could get much better pictures. So even if you are happy with the pictures you are getting still see what difference moving around makes.

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