Perfect Smile

Perfect Smile

Our daughter Anna and her cousin Rebecca are showing us their perfect smiles at Paul’s sister’s wedding. The thing to remember here though is that with portrait photography, it is all about eyes. Humans are naturally drawn to the eyes. In a picture like this, the eyes draw you in and make you feel connected to the people in the picture. Once that happens, then the perfect smile has meaning. In this picture Anna and Rebecca are smiling with you because the are looking at you. If they were not looking at me when I took the picture it probably would have still been a good picture, but the personal connection with the viewer would be lost which decreases the impact of the picture.

There was a lot going on around Anna and Rebecca in this picture and it is always tempting to include all of that in the picture. The problem is everything additional that gets included in the picture distracts from the main focus of a picture like this. In this picture I wanted to focus on how much fun Anna and Rebecca were having. Getting in close and only showing their faces makes that the only focal point of the picture. If I had included the other people around, or anything else going on, the person viewing the picture would also pay attention to those things. This distraction would have minimized what I was trying to convey in the picture. If you want people to focus on the perfect smile then make that what your picture is about, not everything going on around where you want the focus.

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