Changing Seasons

Changing Seasons

The changing seasons are always a good time for photography. Trees are always interesting in the changing seasons, wether it is the bright green new leaves in the spring or the the varied colors of fall, both can provide great opportunities for photography. Susan and I went to Boone North Carolina for our anniversary weekend and decided to take a quick hike around Julian Price Memorial Park on the Blue Ridge Parkway before we headed home. This is a flat, easy hike with lots of great views of the lake. As you can see we were here a couple weeks early to really get the good fall colors, but things were still pretty with the leaves just starting to change.

This was a very cloudy and gray day which tends to make the sky look white and washed out in pictures, but what I like about this picture is the changing trees reflecting on the water. The water was perfectly still on the lake which is really what is needed for good reflection photography. When the sky is like this I will frequently look for places I can get reflections like this because it can draw the attention away from the sky and makes for interesting pictures. If you can add trees changing colors into the reflection it only makes things better. Even though the trees weren’t at peak color for this picture, there was enough color to make the reflection stand out.

As a side note, I lived in Boone while attending Appalachian State University and love the area. If you have any interest in visiting the area I would highly recommend it. Wether it’s hiking around Price Park, taking in the views from Rough Ridge, cycling (or just driving) to on the Blue Ridge Parkway, or pretty much any outdoor activity you are looking for Boone is a great place. If you have questions about the area send me and email and I will help if I can.

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