Sun Rays

Sun Rays

Sun rays like this are one of those things that you can’t really predict when they will happen. Here we were hiking along at Wilson’s Creek in North Carolina when I noticed them coming through the trees. I stopped for the picture and through the view finder I couldn’t see the sun rays so I figured the picture wouldn’t turn out. I ended up taking the same picture at several different exposures hoping that one would turn out. Even looking at the preview on my camera after taking the picture, I couldn’t see the sun rays so I figured the picture would be no good. To my surprise, when I get home and downloaded the pictures the sun rays were there, maybe not as prominent as I saw them on the trail, but they were there.

The lesson here is that if you think there is a chance for a good picture then take it even if you aren’t sure you can get what you want out of it. With digital photography there is nothing to lose. In the days of film cameras, this may not have been as wise because you had to pay to get the pictures developed to see if you got any good shots. With digital, the worst case is the picture doesn’t come out good and you delete it. Nothing lost but a couple seconds of your time. But a lot of times something good comes out of it.

It can also be beneficial to do as I did here and experiment. In this case I experimented with different exposures. You can also experiment with things like different apertures, different angles, etc. Experimenting with many different pictures is a good way to learn what the different settings on the camera do. When you get home and download the pictures to your computer, look at the differences. Pick out the picture you like best, paying attention to why you like it best. Doing this helps you learn how the camera works, and understanding this helps get better pictures right from the start. And like I said, with digital photography you have no reason not to experiment.

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