Family Photo

Family Photo

This family photo tells the story of us taking pictures with the kids. Tyler is a big cheese ball and loves to have his picture taken, while Anna generally refuses to let us take her picture. So Tyler’s big smile, and Anna’s scowl in this family photo is normal for us. It actually usually takes a good bit of convincing before we can get Anna to join us for a picture at all.

For a shot like this we use our tripod and the camera’s timer feature in order to get all four of us in the picture. To do this we have 3 of us posed, while one of us sets up the camera. Once everything is ready Paul gets to start the timer and then run into place before the picture is taken. Normally this is a pretty easy task, as in this case, but sometimes it provides comical pictures when he doesn’t make it in time. We have everything from pictures of his back, to a “ghost” Paul as he is blurred so much from moving.

Every family photo we have has been taken this way. We would rather do our family photos in fun places that we will remember rather than in a studio with someone. Because of this our family photos are always spontaneous. We don’t ever go out with the plan that we are going to take one. Instead, whenever we think it is a good moment we take one. Another benefit to this is one or two pictures and we are done, which makes things much easier with the kids. Because of this we always like to have our tripodwith us, even if we don’t think we will need it. That said, we have plenty of “selfie” family photos taken with our iPhones. Remember, our goal with family photos is for a fond memory, not the best, most technical picture we can get. That doesn’t mean that we don’t try to get the best picture we can. It just means we don’t let not having the best setup available stop us.

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