Giant Christmas Lights

You can find these giant christmas lights in front of the McGraw-Hill building, 1221 Avenue of the Americas, in New York City around Christmas time. This stretch has a lot of very cool Christmas decorations like this so it is defiantly worth checking out if you are visiting New York City around Christmas. These giant christmas lights are a very short walk … Read More

Cherry Grove SC

The kids wanted to try a new fishing spot while we were on vacation in Cherry Grove SC so I took them down to the Cherry Grove Park and Boat Ramp to let them fish while I got some sunrise pictures. To get here take either Ocean Boulevard or Lake Drive/Nixon Avenue to 53rd street and turn away from the ocean. … Read More

Running Goals

In 2014 I lost about 20 pounds and improved my fitness more than I had in about 5 years. What was the next logical step? Surgery on both feet in early 2015. Three months in a boot – no exercise. So being the goal setter I am, I needed to get my 2015 running goals knocked out early. Now, I … Read More

The Shade Tree

On a hot day in Fort Fisher North Carolina while we were waiting for the Fort Fisher Ferry to arrive and take us back to Southport Tyler went looking for a shade tree. The shade tree that he found also happened to be a great climbing tree. Of course the shade tree + climbing tree + 11 year old boy … Read More

Ground Zero Memorial

This is our JFK assassination. Our Pearl Harbor. Where were you when…. moment. The moment that changed a generation. So when Paul and I took the kids to New York City before Christmas 2013, the Ground Zero Memorial was on my short list of places to see. It was our last full day in NYC and raining. We stood in … Read More

Copper Patina

This copper light on the Fort Fisher ferry is green instead of a “normal” copper color because of a process called patination. Copper patina is similar to rust on iron, except that the patina actually protects the copper underneath. Copper patina is also what makes the Statue Of Liberty is green. So from the standpoint of the metal on the light, the … Read More

Flower Petals

There was a flowering dogwood tree at this parking lot, and as its flower petals fell they were blown by the wind up against the curb making a nice lined up pile. Normally the flower petals would either be on the tree, or scattered all over the ground so it was pretty to see them lined up like this. The … Read More

Channel Markers

On our annual family beach trip this year we decided to take the ferry from Southport North Carolina to Fort Fisher to visit the Fort Fisher Aquarium. My (Paul’s) grandparents lived in Southport while I was growing up so I spent a lot of time there as a kid. On our way too and from the ferry, my sister and I got … Read More

Dog Swimming

I (Susan) often rely on my equipment to get The Shot. Equipment and of course a million photos. Technique? Skill? HA! Catching a picture of a dog swimming? It’s about planning, people! When we took Lucille, our black Labrador, to the Randolph County SPCA Dog Pool Party at the Tot Hill Farm pool in Asheboro, NC I knew I would not be able to recreate shots … Read More

Mountain Ash Tree Berries

While we were hiking on Rough Ridge we saw a lot of mountain ash trees (also known as a Rowan) with these nice red berries. The mountain ash tree itself has interesting leaves and an interesting look, but what really drew my attention was the red berries. One interesting thing about mountain ash trees is that they like cooler weather so they are usually … Read More