Horsetooth Falls Restored Us

Horsetooth Falls

This restoration sign on the Horsetooth Falls trail in Fort Collins, Colorado had a double meaning for us. There is the obvious meaning of that area off of the trail was closed for restoration, but for us it meant being out in nature restores us. Sometimes all it takes is a glass of wine on the porch looking at the pine trees at the end of a rough day in the office. Sometimes we need to get off the grid for a weekend. That is the introvert in us. This particular trip was special because we were able to get out in nature with Susan’s grad school friend and her family. Catching up with long time friends can be a tank filler too – sometimes it is like no time passed at all… except we now have spouses and kids that are double digit years old.

The neat thing about these kinds of double-meaning photos is that they mean one thing to the viewer – Hey, neat photo; yet can have a more “hidden” meaning for us, the photographer – Hey, my chi is restored with this visit to nature. While Horsetooth Falls is a beautiful place, it is the fresh air, wide open spaces, ¬†vitamin D, and visiting with friends who knew us way back when that fills our tank.

Think about this when planning photos, scrapbooks, trips, and self-made souvenirs. What is going to be meaningful to you in 1 year, 10 years? What is your Horsetooth Falls? What makes you say, “Ahhhhhhhhh”? Those are the photos that you want to capture. It is not the standard photo where everyone is posed perfectly and your ISO/f-stop/shutter speed are textbook balanced. It is about the photos that evoke a feeling. A feeling you want to revisit, remember, reminisce about – that’s the stuff dreams are made of.

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