Pine Mountain Tunnel

Pine Mountain Tunnel

Pine Mountain tunnel is one of 26 tunnels on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The majority of the Parkway tunnels are on the southern end of the Parkway, and this one is no exception being located near Asheville NC (just past mile marker 399). Pine Mountain tunnel is the longest tunnel on the Parkway at 1,434 feet (437 m).  Driving into a mountain always feels weird, and the darkness of the tunnels on the Blue Ridge Parkway add to that feeling. We really liked the stone work on the outside of the tunnels, and also all the trees and plants surrounding them.

Unlike the beautiful flowers picture, this picture breaks the rule of thirds. The focus of this picture is right in the middle. The way I was able to focus the attention of this picture in in the middle instead along one of the intersecting lines from the rule of thirds was by using leading lines. The eye will naturally follow lines, so in this case I used the yellow lines on the road to move the eye to the tunnel. Look away from the picture and then look back. You will probably find that you can’t help but to immediately look at the yellow lines and follow them into to the tunnel. In this case I was able to literally use lines to make this happen, but it doesn’t have to be that way. A fence, a river, a mountain ridge, a wall, anything that follows a line can be used to move the viewer’s eye where you want it to go. If that line happens to lead to one of the interactions from the rule of thirds, then the focus will just be that much more on that area.

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