Olaf Birthday Cake

Olaf Birthday Cake

Olaf Birthday Cake Information

I knew my sister had forgiven all my little sister sins (listening in on phone calls from her boyfriend in high school, tagging along on sleep overs, poking out her eye glass lens in the back seat on the way home from Six Flags, etc.) when she said to me:

You carry the cake.

A small part of me died. I loved being Fun Aunt Susan. The one who carried them upside down, buy the loud, gigantic completely inappropriate gift – then leave. The one who they FaceTime when they want to sing, “Let It Go” from Frozen through their new karaoke machine (hey – I can mute them and have a cocktail, I’m an auntie!). Now I was going to be Aunt-Susan-Who-Dropped-My-Olaf-Birthday-Cake-When-I-Was-3-And-I-Hate-Her.

Alas, I was born to screw this up. I have been clumsy for 42 years (I am only 41). I swear I have not grown into my body yet (I am 6 feet tall). Paul requires proof on a regular basis that I was a 5 year college varsity athlete (4 basketball, 1 track) because of the unexplainable bruises I collect, things I break and general doofus I make of myself. But back to the Olaf birthday cake…

I was designated Cake Carrier as we trudged up to the house to pick up the cake – heart pounding, my palms sweating. I was in trouble (see above about clumsy and multiply by sweaty palms). When I met the decorator I introduced myself and “Susan, ruin-er of your magic creation” and she laughed. Bless her heart. While the Olaf birthday cake screamed, “Hi! I’m Olaf! I like warm hugs!” inside I screamed, “Hi! I’m Susan! I ruin Olaf birthday cakes!”

Maybe my sister was setting me up to get back at me! That is the only reasonable explanation – what kind of evil puts their loved one in a position to drop The Birthday Cake – the Olaf Birthday Cake?! Did she know I read the note that one guy wrote her freshman year? Did she know I really did wear her top that day and shove it under the bed? Did she know I saw the cat go into her open door, knowing it would pee on her Guess? jeans? I watch Scandal! I saw every episode of Alias! I know a set up when I see it!

But she had witnesses so I took a step toward the cake…..

Reached under it….

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Olaf Birthday Cake Information


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