Big Alligator

Big Alligator

Susan and I went for a walk while we were in Fort Myers Florida and decided to bring our cameras along with us. I was walking along in the grass taking pictures of some birds and almost stepped on this big alligator. Luckily Susan saw it and said something because if she didn’t I’m sure I would have stepped on it. It’s surprising how camouflaged the alligators are. After quickly backing way to a safe distance, I of course had to take a few pictures of my almost dinner date.

This was just one of many alligators we saw around Fort Myers. Everywhere there was water there was alligators. We were visiting Susan’s parents and the pond behind their condo has a little alligator and a big alligator that hang out there. The pond is on a golf course so it was fun to watch the golfers hit the ball near the alligators and then try to figure out how to get to their balls. The alligator in this picture was one of a couple at another pond in the neighborhood so we were surrounded while we were there.

The alligators we saw in Fort Myers however were nothing compared to what we saw in the Everglades. Driving through the Everglades everywhere I saw water I saw alligators, and not just one or two. The scary part was that once we got to were we were going and got out of the car I no longer saw alligators. I’m sure they had to be there, we just didn’t see them.

One thing was clear while we were in Florida. In Fort Myers, the Everglades, or anywhere in-between, I will not be swimming in any fresh water there!

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