Cooking Class

Cooking Class

You have seen one photo of the Charleston Cooks! class here already. Although this testing shot has the same technical perspective and motive, I want to get a different lesson across to you, Dear Reader.

Yes, you can photograph what you love. But I challenge you to go one more step – photograph who you love doing what THEY love. Paul loves to cook and is VERY good at it. Usually when he cooks I sit at the high counter bar with him chatting about my day or answering emails or working my way through the to do list (or that online, register kids for this, email the teacher about that – are you with me, moms out there?!). When Paul suggested a cooking class I was a little on the fence because I knew he wanted a hands on cooking class. While I like to eat, my idea of hands on is hands on the finished product on its way to my mouth.

So I signed us up and grabbed the chance to work on my photography skills. Paul is constantly telling me I need to use the 50mm lens for photojournalism shots. But I am too lazy to swap lenses or too anxious to capture the moment or too forgetful to add it to my hiking pack on a day hike. But if I were honest with myself, I was to scared I would screw it up, the shot would not look like it does in my brain. So for the cooking class I decided to use Mr. 50mm and get over it. I concentrated on capturing moments of my love with his love.

I particularly like this shot because Paul had been talking about this microplane for half of our marriage. Its almost like an inside joke when I see it in the scrapbook now. He got to try the microplane he had been wanting (and we subsequently bought it of course). I got to try the lens I had been avoiding!

Overall it was a great date!

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