Mountain Ash Tree Berries

Mountain Ash Tree Berries

While we were hiking on Rough Ridge we saw a lot of mountain ash trees (also known as a Rowan) with these nice red berries. The mountain ash tree itself has interesting leaves and an interesting look, but what really drew my attention was the red berries. One interesting thing about mountain ash trees is that they like cooler weather so they are usually found further north, but they are also in the southern Appalachian mountains where the higher elevation keeps temperatures cooler.

I have taken several pictures like this through the years (although this was my first time with a mountain ash tree), where I get in close to berries growing on a tree and I always really like them. To do this I get really close to the berries, and use a wide aperture to have the berries in focus and everything else blurred out. Doing this with pictures of wild berries is where I started to notice how much difference getting in close for a picture can make and how much I like it (like I talked about in the Barn and Sun picture). In this picture I think the fuzzy green leaves provide a nice backdrop to the red berries. I also like all the red berries, with the one white one spotted with red.

This picture is a good example of what I was talking about in the Pine Mountain Tunnel picture with leading lines not having to be an actual line. In this case the “line” is not a true line like the yellow road lines in the Pine Mountain Tunnel picture, instead the branch that the berries are on provides the “line” and moves the eye along the branch.

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