Flower Petals

Flower Petals

There was a flowering dogwood tree at this parking lot, and as its flower petals fell they were blown by the wind up against the curb making a nice lined up pile. Normally the flower petals would either be on the tree, or scattered all over the ground so it was pretty to see them lined up like this. The petals were so nicely lined up we wondered at first if someone had pushed them up to the curb this way. After watching for a while we saw that they were being naturally lined up this way by the wind.

As an interesting side note, the dogwood tree is North Carolina’s state flower. This is something I didn’t learn until recently (and found a bit strange that a tree was the state flower), but with a quick look around in the spring it makes sense because dogwood trees are flowering everywhere here.

This picture is another interesting example of leading lines. Following the line of flower petals from the front to the back of the picture both gives your eye something to follow, and provides depth of field. Both of these things make your eyes happy, and makes the picture more interesting. In this picture the leading line is provided by the flower petals, in the picture of the mountain ash tree berries the branch provides the line, and in the Pine Mountain tunnel picture the yellow lines in the road provide the lines. All of these together go to show that while leading lines can be actual lines, that don’t have to be. Any “line” can be used to provide this effect.

Flower Petals Information:

  • Taken By: Susan
  • Date Taken: 3-Apr-2015
  • Camera: iPhone 5s
  • Lens: iPhone 5s back camera
  • Exposure: 1/5900 sec at F/2.2
  • Focal Length: 4.15 mm
  • ISO: 32
  • Flash: Did not fire

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