Copper Patina

Copper Patina

This copper light on the Fort Fisher ferry is green instead of a “normal” copper color because of a process called patination. Copper patina is similar to rust on iron, except that the patina actually protects the copper underneath. Copper patina is also what makes the Statue Of Liberty is green.

So from the standpoint of the metal on the light, the patina is protecting it. From a photography stand point the patina provided something interesting in contrast to the black pain on the boat. Beside this light was a bright yellow boat tie down, and a bright red fire extinguisher which were also interesting contrasts to the black. My first thought was to get all three in the same picture, but then I thought about my experiences with getting in close and how that often results in a better picture. With this in mind I zoomed in close to the light and focused only on it. I also took a picture of the boat tie down as the only focus, and one with all three in the picture. These are stationary objects that weren’t going anywhere so I wasn’t worried about being quick before the moment is gone like in wildlife photography, and with a digital camera there is no harm in trying several shots because it doesn’t cost any money to get the pictures developed. In this case I was glad I went with my thought to get in close because I really like both this picture of the light and the picture of the boat tie down. I also took another picture of only the light, but zoomed out just slightly further. Even just a little bit further out made a big difference. I rated the picture posted here as of my highest of the day in Lightroom, while the one zoomed out only slightly more was one of my lowest rated. It goes to show that only a few inches can make a big difference.

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