The Shade Tree

The Shade Tree

On a hot day in Fort Fisher North Carolina while we were waiting for the Fort Fisher Ferry to arrive and take us back to Southport Tyler went looking for a shade tree. The shade tree that he found also happened to be a great climbing tree. Of course the shade tree + climbing tree + 11 year old boy means he is going to be in the tree until the ferry arrives (although to be fair the 16 year old was also climbing in the tree so it wasn’t just the 11 year old).

As far as portraits go, Tyler loves to have his picture taken so he usually makes it easy (although sometimes he cheeses too much!) which is the complete opposite of Anna. What can be tricky about portraits with Tyler is he loves to wear a hat. His hats often leads to shadows on his face which is a problem because in a portrait I want the focus to be on the eyes and face. This is where using brushes in Lightroom can be helpful. A brush can be used to “paint” over the face and/or eyes to increase the exposure, lighten the shadows, or both of the section that is painted. With this if the exposure of the rest of the picture would be too bright if the face is lightened, the brush allows for only brightening the face, leaving the exposure of the rest of the picture un-effected. Just remember to have suability as a goal while doing this. Too much editing and the picture will look fake.

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