Running Goals

Running Goals

In 2014 I lost about 20 pounds and improved my fitness more than I had in about 5 years. What was the next logical step? Surgery on both feet in early 2015. Three months in a boot – no exercise. So being the goal setter I am, I needed to get my 2015 running goals knocked out early.

Now, I have never been lightning fast. My basketball coaches have been known to joke about timing me with a calendar. A sundial. You get the idea. I have only slowed down since. But I can suffer for a  l o n g  time. So my running goals have gradually drifted toward longer and longer distances. I generally try to average 12-minute miles when I run. So my 2015 running goal was to get the lead out and go for a sub 30-minute 5k. That is just under a 10-minute mile.

So I trained.

I hunted for a flatter than flat race course (The Chocolate 5k in Durham, NC fit the bill).

I lost Christmas cookie weight.

Trained more.

Race pictures were blurry. And cluttered with random people who were not me.

In all fairness, Paul was wrangling a 3-month old puppy who REALLY wanted to run with everyone. Plus he was fending off all the 20-something women who wanted to pet the cute puppy. On top of all that he had to remember all of my rules about race day photography. #1 – no pictures of me running away. No one’s butt looks good that way. He had his own kind of running goals to keep track of.

So when it came time to scrapbook these, I wanted to use a technique that made the blurriness look purposeful. Then added cute pictures of the puppy to distract.

Oh yeah – and I hit my goal! 29:07! And surgery? Well, those photos are not quite as pretty!

Running Goals Information:

This scrapbook page was created by Susan using Adobe Photoshop CC.


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  1. That is really inspiring to me. I remember all the suicides and preseason running and just to make you feel better ( not sure if you remember) coaches running joke with me was can they slip a piece of paper under my feet during a jump shot. I am not able to run if I did I would be blind. So you are going to have to run for the both of us. I still try my best to keep in shape but the training you go through is amazing and you work and you have a family. Keep up the great work and congratulations on making it under time in your 5k

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