Cherry Grove SC

Cherry Grove SC

The kids wanted to try a new fishing spot while we were on vacation in Cherry Grove SC so I took them down to the Cherry Grove Park and Boat Ramp to let them fish while I got some sunrise pictures. To get here take either Ocean Boulevard or Lake Drive/Nixon Avenue to 53rd street and turn away from the ocean. The park is at the end of 53rd and contains plenty of parking. This park in on the Cherry Grove marsh, which means during low tide there is little to no water here. So if you want to go for either boating or fishing make sure the tide is up or you will be disappointed.

We were here early enough that the sky still had the golden hour orange tent to it. I have been to this park many times in the past so I new from experience that sunrise would be the best time to get a picture here. As we have mentioned in other posts, planning ahead, and learning about what I did and didn’t like about pictures taken in the same spot on previous visits let me get several good pictures on this trip. In some cases these things need to be learned quickly because time at the location is limited. In this case we do a family trip to Cherry Grove SC every year, so I have plenty of time to look over pictures and plan from year to year. With that my pictures get better every year, however the challenge becomes keeping things fresh. With that photography never gets boring!

Notice here that even with the little ripples on the water there are no reflections of the scenery on the water. In this case I wasn’t going for that effect so I didn’t mind, but this picture does a good job illustrating what I was talking about with getting pictures with water reflections needing perfectly still water.

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