Giant Christmas Lights

Giant Christmas Lights

You can find these giant christmas lights in front of the McGraw-Hill building, 1221 Avenue of the Americas, in New York City around Christmas time. This stretch has a lot of very cool Christmas decorations like this so it is defiantly worth checking out if you are visiting New York City around Christmas. These giant christmas lights are a very short walk from the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, and not too far for the Macy’s Holiday windows (which takes you thorough Times Square). All of this makes for a very interesting night of sight seeing. The giant christmas lights were one of our favorite displays. We thought it was cool how they even included a giant plug in the display to make it look more real.

I (Paul) had been to New York City at Christmas time before, but this was Susan and the kids first time. Midtown, Times Square, Rockefeller Center and the Christmas decorations were what Susan had always heard about with New York so that is what she was most excited about seeing. Because of this we hopped on the train right after we got settled into where we were staying and headed to the Rockefeller Center station to check it all out.

Based on advice from someone I know that lives in New York City we had decided to stay in Park Slope, Brooklyn instead of our initial plans to stay somewhere around Midtown. Susan and I are both huge introverts so this turned out to be great advice for us. We really enjoyed the site seeing in around Midtown that night, and we also really enjoyed leaving the insane amount of people when we were done and heading back to the much more relaxed Park Slope area.

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