Large Christmas Ornaments

These large Christmas ornaments are found in front of the building at 1251 Sixth Avenue on Sixth Avenue in Midtown Manhattan. This is along a stretch with lots of different giant Christmas decorations such as the Giant Christmas Lights. Across the street from  this display is Radio City Music Hall (you can see the reflection in the glass behind the ornaments). Also … Read More

Looking At You Looking At Me

This is Lucille’s I’m looking at you looking at me face. Lucille loves to be with us, she loves people, she loves to play, she (as you can see) loves laying on our bed. What she doesn’t like…is cuddling. Oh and NEVER touch her paws, she can’t stand it. So in this picture she isn’t sure what to think. Should … Read More

Christmas Bokeh

In photography bokeh refers to the out of focus part of the picture. This effect can be used to draw attention to a certain part of the picture (by removing focus on the blurred part), such as with a portrait, but it can also be used as an artistic effect like in this picture. You can probably guess from me … Read More