Christmas Bokeh

Christmas Bokeh

In photography bokeh refers to the out of focus part of the picture. This effect can be used to draw attention to a certain part of the picture (by removing focus on the blurred part), such as with a portrait, but it can also be used as an artistic effect like in this picture. You can probably guess from me calling this Christmas bokeh that this is a picture of lights on our Christmas tree. This Christmas bokeh is a fun way to take a “different” picture of the Christmas tree. This effect can be achieved by using a wide aperture, making my favorite lens we have for this our 50mm lens. I have seen other pictures that have an ornament on the tree in focus while the lights are blurred which I thought looked really cool also.

Because of their color, Christmas lights are a fun way to play with this effect, but give it a try with any lights to see what you think. City shots with street lights, building lights, and cars could also be a good candidate for this. Maybe one car in focus with the lights from the other cars around showing the bokeh effect? Blurred tail lights from cars driving down a tree lined street, and the trees have blurred Christmas lights in them…now we are talking! There are tons of possibilities so get out your cameras and get creative.

As we have discussed before, experimenting is a great way to improve your photography. Try taking your own Christmas bokeh pictures. If you like them great. If not try to figure out why you don’t like them and see if you can take more that you do like with this new knowledge. If you come up with a creative way to use bokeh, even if it isn’t Christmas bokeh, we would love to hear about it in the comments.

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