Looking At You Looking At Me

Looking At You Looking At Me

This is Lucille’s I’m looking at you looking at me face. Lucille loves to be with us, she loves people, she loves to play, she (as you can see) loves laying on our bed. What she doesn’t like…is cuddling. Oh and NEVER touch her paws, she can’t stand it. So in this picture she isn’t sure what to think. Should she be excited because she is about to be played with, should she be relaxed because nothing is going to happen, should she be ready to get up and move because she is about to be cuddled, or should she be ready to run REALLY REALLY fast because her paws are going to be touched? Because of this we frequently get this I’m looking at you looking at me face.

In this picture the iPhone was both available, and much easier to use. Taking  picture of yourself is much easier with an iPhone than with a big DLSR camera! One thing we have noticed is that, no matter what camera we use, it is hard to take a picture of a black dog. Here it would have helped to use a flash to light her face, but the rest of the seen was already fairly bright with the sun shining in the window. Because of that her face may have been better lit, but everything else would have probably been washed out. I’m sure that if this picture had been planned we could have come up with some lighting what would have worked for everything, but as discussed here before don’t miss the moment while trying to make everything perfect.

Looking At You Looking At Me Information:

  • Taken By: Susan
  • Date Taken: 29-Aug-2015
  • Camera: iPhone 5s
  • Lens: iPhone 5s front camera
  • Exposure: 1/25 sec at F/2.4
  • Focal Length: 2.15 mm
  • ISO: 400
  • Flash: Did not fire

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