Christmas Bokeh

In photography bokeh refers to the out of focus part of the picture. This effect can be used to draw attention to a certain part of the picture (by removing focus on the blurred part), such as with a portrait, but it can also be used as an artistic effect like in this picture. You can probably guess from me … Read More

Cooking Class

You have seen one photo of the Charleston Cooks! class here already. Although this testing shot has the same technical perspective and motive, I want to get a different lesson across to you, Dear Reader. Yes, you can photograph what you love. But I challenge you to go one more step – photograph who you love doing what THEY love. … Read More

Olaf Birthday Cake

Olaf Birthday Cake Information I knew my sister had forgiven all my little sister sins (listening in on phone calls from her boyfriend in high school, tagging along on sleep overs, poking out her eye glass lens in the back seat on the way home from Six Flags, etc.) when she said to me: You carry the cake. A small part of … Read More

Minion Pumpkin

Susan is our resident artist, although she would never admit it herself. Compare her minion pumpkin to my mangled triangle eyed basic pumpkin (which wasn’t even worthy of a picture) and it is easy to see why I say this. These days at halloween each kid buys their own pumpkin to carve. Then usually right around the time we get the top … Read More

Beautiful Flowers

The contrast of colors between all the flowers, the blue jar, and the different colored wrappings around the jar, combined with the way the light is coming through makes for beautiful flowers. This pictures uses the rule of thirds to focus the viewer’s eye on the most colorful pedals in the flower arrangement. The idea behind the rule of thirds is to divide … Read More

Pelican on Sanibel Island

We followed this pelican down the beach at Sanibel Island in Florida for about 15 minutes while it swam along close to shore. There were several other pelicans out also, but this one seemed happy to stay close by so that we could get pictures. I think this was a first for me as animals usually don’t want to cooperate for … Read More

Charleston Cooks

This picture is from a cooking class we did at Charleston Cooks in Charleston South Carolina. This was a hands on class with a fun instructor and great recipes. We had a lot of fun in the class and have been looking for something similar in our home town with no luck so far. If you are ever in Charleston we would … Read More

Bride, Mother, and Mother-in-Law

This is a wedding picture of the bride, bride’s mother, and bride’s mother-in-law. For portrait pictures our favorite lens is a fixed focal length 50mm lens. The down side to a fixed lens is that you have to move yourself backwards and forwards to “change the zoom”, but in most cases it is well worth it. A fixed focal length … Read More