Barn and Sun

This is an old barn that Susan and I ride by a lot and had been saying for a couple years we should go get pictures. One morning we were up early so we decided to finally head out and shoot some. I like this picture because of the way the sun is coming through the openings and lights things … Read More

Pelican on Sanibel Island

We followed this pelican down the beach at Sanibel Island in Florida for about 15 minutes while it swam along close to shore. There were several other pelicans out also, but this one seemed happy to stay close by so that we could get pictures. I think this was a first for me as animals usually don’t want to cooperate for … Read More

Wilson’s Creek Pisgah National Forest

I took this picture of Wilson’s Creek while on a family camping trip. Wilson’s Creek is located in the mountains of North Carolina near Grandfather Mountain and is a fun place for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, swimming, mountain bike, and fishing. To get to this spot take Roseboro Road from highway 105 in Linville. After crossing the Blue Ridge … Read More

Charleston Cooks

This picture is from a cooking class we did at Charleston Cooks in Charleston South Carolina. This was a hands on class with a fun instructor and great recipes. We had a lot of fun in the class and have been looking for something similar in our home town with no luck so far. If you are ever in Charleston we would … Read More

Bow Bridge, Central Park New York City

This picture is of the Bow Bridge in New York City’s Central Park. The Bow Bridge is the first cast-iron bridge built in Central Park and the second oldest in the United States. The Bow Bridge is located Mid-Park at 74th St., west of Bethesda Terrace connecting Cherry Hill and the Ramble and spans 60 feet across the lake. Along with being … Read More

Bride, Mother, and Mother-in-Law

This is a wedding picture of the bride, bride’s mother, and bride’s mother-in-law. For portrait pictures our favorite lens is a fixed focal length 50mm lens. The down side to a fixed lens is that you have to move yourself backwards and forwards to “change the zoom”, but in most cases it is well worth it. A fixed focal length … Read More

Greensboro NC Bog Garden Waterfall

 This picture is of Serenity Falls at the Bog Garden in Greensboro, North Carolina. There is no parking lot for the Bog Garden so I think it is often overlooked by people which is a shame. Parking is allowed on the side of the street on Starmount Farms Dr., or there is a parking lot on the other side of Hobbs … Read More

Soccer Action

This picture is from our son Tyler’s soccer game. Soccer is one of his favorite sports, probably not least because he is good at it. A really fast shutter speed of 1/5000th of a second was needed here to keep the picture from being blurry while the players and ball where in motion. Notice that even on a bright sunny … Read More