Who’s Ready For Some Football?

Who’s Ready For Some Football Information: Taken By: Susan Date Taken: 14-Feb-2015 Camera: iPhone 5s Lens: iPhone 5s back camera Exposure: 1/800 sec at F/2.2 Focal Length: 4.15 mm ISO: 32 Flash: Did not fire Who’s Ready For Some Football? was last modified: January 29th, 2016 by Susan

Looking At You Looking At Me

This is Lucille’s I’m looking at you looking at me face. Lucille loves to be with us, she loves people, she loves to play, she (as you can see) loves laying on our bed. What she doesn’t like…is cuddling. Oh and NEVER touch her paws, she can’t stand it. So in this picture she isn’t sure what to think. Should … Read More

Flower Petals

There was a flowering dogwood tree at this parking lot, and as its flower petals fell they were blown by the wind up against the curb making a nice lined up pile. Normally the flower petals would either be on the tree, or scattered all over the ground so it was pretty to see them lined up like this. The … Read More

Pay Phone

You can always tell a trip is going to be a good one when the minute you step off the plane at your destination the kids find something new (even if it is really something old). Tyler walked off the plane at the LaGuardia airport and immediately saw pay phones. Of course he didn’t call it a pay phone, to him it … Read More

I Need A Hug

Any time I need a hug Lucille is always there for me. Really, any time anyone needs a hug Lucille is happy to be on the receiving end. Here we were out for a walk at night while Lucille was still a young puppy. She got tired so Paul picked her up and carried her. By the time we got … Read More

Lab Puppy Reflection

Our dog Lucille loves to go everywhere with us. Here we were picking the kids up from school and Lucille was loving the people watching while we waited. A Lab puppy will not wait around to be cute until your nice DSLR camera is out and ready so our iPhones are frequently used to get pictures like this. This picture … Read More