Looking At You Looking At Me

This is Lucille’s I’m looking at you looking at me face. Lucille loves to be with us, she loves people, she loves to play, she (as you can see) loves laying on our bed. What she doesn’t like…is cuddling. Oh and NEVER touch her paws, she can’t stand it. So in this picture she isn’t sure what to think. Should … Read More

Running Goals

In 2014 I lost about 20 pounds and improved my fitness more than I had in about 5 years. What was the next logical step? Surgery on both feet in early 2015. Three months in a boot – no exercise. So being the goal setter I am, I needed to get my 2015 running goals knocked out early. Now, I … Read More

Minion Pumpkin

Susan is our resident artist, although she would never admit it herself. Compare herĀ minion pumpkinĀ to my mangled triangle eyed basic pumpkin (which wasn’t even worthy of a picture) and it is easy to see why I say this. These days at halloween each kid buys their own pumpkin to carve. Then usually right around the time we get the top … Read More

Family Photo

This family photo tells the story of us taking pictures with the kids. Tyler is a big cheese ball and loves to have his picture taken, while Anna generally refuses to let us take her picture. So Tyler’s big smile, and Anna’s scowl in this family photo is normal for us. It actually usually takes a good bit of convincing … Read More