Hidden Lake

While in Utah we went hiking on a trail in Guardsman Pass between Park City and Big Cottonwood Canyon. The drive itself is a beautiful one with great views into the Heber Valley, plenty of wild flowers, and mountains all around. Hiking here proved to be just as beautiful. We went exploring on a side trail and came across this hidden lake. … Read More

White Water

This was a typical bright sunny Utah day in Little Cottonwood Canyon. This bright day with the shade of the trees provided the challenge of trying to meter for both the bright section and the shady section. For this picture I decided to mainly meter for the shady section, and let the sunny section be a little bright (although I … Read More

Big Cottonwood Canyon

Big Cottonwood Canyon in Utah’s Wasatch-Cache National Forest offers some spectacular views. This picture was taken on a hiking trail at Brighton Ski Resort. The Big Cottonwood Canyon Scenic Byway (State Route 190) is well worth the drive if you are ever in the Salt Lake City or Park City areas. One challenge to photography here can be that the air is so … Read More

Sunset Above Park City

This picture was taken at sunset above Park City Utah. For those that know the area we were parked on the side of Marsac Ave. just past Deer Valley looking down into Park City. It is possible to drive all the way through to Big Cottonwood Canyon from here (the road through to the canyon is only open in the summer). The … Read More